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How to Build a Weather Station with the New dataTaker DT80M by CAS DataLoggers

Weather stations are a valuable tool for many different businesses and organizations in the community, from the farmer who needs to know the best time for crop planting to the agricultural scientist researching crop yields to the local news station in its daily weather forecasting.

Now the Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers show you how to put together your own weather station using a dataTaker DT80M modem universal input data logger. The dataTaker product range has been selected as the solution of choice for a number of manufacturers of remote automated weather stations, and now you can take advantage of its automated recording and calculation features to track the weather from a remote location.

You’ll need your DT80M intelligent datalogger as well as the following sensors: a Vaisala Temperature and Humidity probe, a tipping bucket rain gauge, an anemometer to measure wind speed/pressure, and a wind vane. Ideal for outdoor installation within an enclosure, the DT80M’s rugged design and construction provides you with years of dependable operation even in extreme conditions.

The dataTaker DT80M modem universal input data logger by CAS DataLoggers.

Once your sensors are connected to the data logger’s 5 to 15 universal analog sensor channels, the dataTaker DT80M reads all these multiple types of sensor outputs and directly scales them to usable engineering units. For example, the digital output from the tipping bucket rain gauge is input to a high-speed counter--these counters will increment even when the dataTaker logger is in Sleep mode to conserve power.

The dataTaker DT80M also provides powerful mathematical capabilities enabling it to accurately calculate wind direction, wind run and wind roses—all in real-time. You can then store and download these results whenever you need.

With the dataTaker Series 3 modem datalogger, you don’t have to separately purchase a compatible modem. The built-in 2G/3G cellular modem’s automatic data delivery sends emails of all captured data to specified addresses so your personnel now have access to this remote data anytime, anywhere. Your critical data is immediately sent via the modem’s internal web and FTP server or via SMS text messages to your designated inboxes and mobile phones.

The dataTaker’s low power operation and remote data retrieval/accessibility provide you with a cost-effective monitoring solution for the most remote site, saving you and your personnel the need to travel out to collect the data or receive alarms. All logged data, configuration and diagnostics can be remotely accessed, and for local connection, USB memory stick support enables convenient data and program transfer.

The dataTaker DT80M provides precision real-time recording, taking measurements at 18-bit resolution. Current readings are shown on a built-in LCD display and for extended data collection, the data logger can store up to 10,000,000 data points on its internal memory.

The dataTaker also includes free dEX configuration software for hassle-free data logger setup and configuration directly in a web browser, and the software can also perform live data analysis and post-treatment functions. With dEX you can view your real-time data as mimics or charts, and for additional ease of use, dEX also allows remote reconfiguration over the Internet.

For more information on our dataTaker DT80M remote monitoring datalogger, more dataTaker models which measure almost any value, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at


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