Sensors Monitor Goods for Intelligent Inter-Modal transport

A research team from the TB-Solutions enterprise in Navarre that specializes in secure communication platform’ development and the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) have been able to develop a technique for round-the-clock real-time secure monitoring of goods that move from the source to the destination.

The team is trying to commercialise this technique. This research is part of a project known as Intelligent Transport of Intermodal Goods (TIMI). The PORTEL project will be provided to customers wanting to include value-added services for their customized requirements.

The TIMI project aims to create new technologies that will enable the emergence of future generation of tools, systems and devices to render intermodal transport (by sea, land, rail or air) more intelligent. In furtherance of this aim, a consortium of around 10 enterprises was formed in 2007 in collaboration with public bodies and universities within the CENIT project’s framework. This consortium has focused on various aspects of the project.

UPNA was requested by TB-Solutions to create the necessary software. The efforts of the collaboration have resulted in success.

The necessary hardware has been developed and the software has also been incorporated in the sensors. The gadgets positioned in every goods container can wirelessly transmit information. Testing of the gadgets in real containers has been completed successfully in the Valencia port.

These sensors are able to communicate with each other and transmit data to a central control, and record any incident that happens during the movement of the goods. Even if the goods pass a region that does not have any coverage like a tunnel, the information is recorded continuously and is transmitted to the central control when the vehicle enters a coverage zone again.

UPNA’s José Javier Astrain informed that this gadget will let users know which truck is involved in moving particular goods as well as their conditions of luminosity, temperature, etc. When this truck reaches a custom point the custom authorities will know if the truck has traveled on an authorized route and whether the goods are hazardous. This will help in direct and easy loading of the goods container on board the ship at the port.


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