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HSTAR Position Sensors Withstand Harsh Military Aircraft Environments

The HSTAR 750 range of hermetically sealed position sensors from Macro Sensors are capable of withstanding the high temperature peaks and harsh environments usually found in military equipment and aircraft.

These LVDT linear position sensors function as the closed-loop servo systems’ position feedback components and based on the dependable and redundancy requirements, will also be able to serve as multiple or single channel devices. Most of these sensors work in quad channel systems used in military aircrafts like the JSF fighter’s C-17. With the emergence of digital signal processing techniques and ratiometric LVDTs, there has been a vast improvement in accuracy and temperature stability of the position sensor, resulting in increased precision in aircraft positioning and fuel monitoring. Inaccuracy of such feedback sensors will make ships and planes to waste fuel by zig zagging to their designations.

These sensors have a versatile application, and can be used with the land vehicles like trucks and tanks, where they perform as feedback gadgets that are positioned on active suspensions used for load leveling, besides leveling of the artillery platform.

These position sensors can be combined with hydraulic actuators to ensure fast leveling of a firing platform, even while on move. The tank canons will be able to shoot on the move rather than stop and shoot and reduce the critical reaction time by integrating hydraulics, relevant gyro system for measuring yaw and roll, and the linear position sensor that is temperature resistant.

Besides such defense applications, LVDT position sensors will also be able to monitor moving surfaces like an F-22’s hydraulic reservoir, an F-14s exhaust nozzle and the Boeing 777’s skew of flaps. These AC-operated linear position sensors are available in ±0.050” to ±10.0” ranges.



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