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SamKnows Selects NETGEAR's Router for FCCs Broadband Test

The global innovative and technological branded networking systems’ provider NETGEAR, has announced recently that the leading Internet technology vendor for traffic sensor applications, SamKnows, has opted for its USB based RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router as a component for a project related to measurement of national broadband speed test. This project was announced by Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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The FCC aims to gather objective data to create an accurate representation of broadband Internet performance in the U.S. Consumers who want to participate in the FCC program will be able to volunteer, and during idle periods, get their broadband connections tested with known, safe servers.

This testing process deals with variations of results as compared to recent Internet-enabled self-service speed tests through minimizing or eliminating or minimizing inaccuracies due to premise network or computer processing performance impairments like motor noise, the LAN’s IP traffic congestion,  microwave oven interference, or low WiFi signal levels.

During these tests personal data  sent and received, logins and passwords, URLs visited, VoIP phone numbers called or IP or MAC addresses are not reported or detected. The performance test results are reported anonymously to facilitate aggregation and analysis by the FCC and SamKnows. In addition, people who volunteer for the project volunteers are provided with access to own data for tracking their broadband connection’s performance.

Similar sensor projects for service providers have been deployed previously by SamKnows. The project result’s primary application has been to empower the ISP's to cater in advance of congestion in the network for additional backbone Internet capacity to meet their customers' increasing demand that is reported by the sensors SamKnows.

NETGEAR’s CEO and Chairman, Patrick Lo, informed that SamKnows is the latest application developer who utilizes Open Source Linux Routers of NETGEAR to offer timely and accurate results to the FCC.


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