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RF Monolithics Releases Industrial Grade WirelessHART-Compliant RF module

RF Monolithics (RFM) widened its M2M range of wireless communications by launching the XDM2510H, a novel module that complies with WirelessHART to its industrial-grade RF module devices.

Based on the IA-510(H) WirelessHART system of Dust Networks, the XDM2510H complies with global WirelessHART or the IEC 62591 standard and helps industrial automation vendors to cater for the fast growing requirement of standards-enabled wireless sensor networking (WSN) systems. WirelessHART has become the leading process automation standard enabling deployment of battery-based sensors in hitherto hard-to-access regions and at the same time offers wire type of dependability.

RFM XDM2510H module

The XDM2510H module has a UART serial port that helps to connect RF connector and sensors, thereby eliminating the requirement of an antenna connection. This results in the elimination of the requirement of RF engineering by OEMs.

The M2510H module certifications in Europe (pending), Canada and the US do not need any type of acceptance testing for the end products of OEMs. XG2510HE gateway product of RFM has completed the network solution enabling connection anywhere on the Internet or locally.

The 10(H) WirelessHART technology of the Dust Networks is broadly considered as the WirelessHART standard’s base building block. The RFM XDM2510H features the technology of Dust Network and provides OEMs a fast approach to the market of field gadgets that are based on the WirelessHART protocol.

M2M’s Director of products Tim Cutler informed that the RFM considers the WirelessHART standard will be able to provide dependable, battery-based wireless connectivity, even when deployed under difficult industrial environments. He added that the modular wirelessHART technology will permit manufacturers of field devices to incorporate WirelessHART functionality in their products economically, simply, and quickly.


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