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Detcon Gas Detection Sensors Detect and Monitor Toxic Gases

The low power DM-100 SmartWireless brand of Detcon gas detection sensors are able to detect and monitor continuously, a broad range of toxic gases.

Detcon DM-100 gas sensor

These sensors deliver current signal in the 4-20 milliamp range, which is powered by a two wire loop. This is equivalent to the detected gas’ concentration range.

The sensor device has incorporated non-intrusive operator interface that can be calibrated automatically and intelligent electronics for comprehensive fault diagnostics.

Packed inside an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing, the sensor also has  a fitted 3/4 inch NPT thread.

All electronic parts are totally incorporated inside the housing of the sensor, resulting in a high design durability. . Additional accessories are also provided with the sensor like the current to Modbus converter, field replaceable transient safeguarding circuit, an alarm relay board and loop powered digital display.


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