SBG Systems Releases Ekinox Land Solution

SBG Systems releases Ekinox Land Solution, an all-in-one solution combining the cost-effective Inertial Navigation System with an odometer, and a GNSS RTK Reference Station for smooth positioning in land applications.

GPS positioning in urban canyons, forests, or tunnels has always been challenging. By taking the best of these complementary technologies, Ekinox Land Solution provides reliable positioning in an affordable package.

All-in-one Solution for Mobile Land Positioning

The combination of Ekinox Inertial Navigation System with complementary technologies such as wheel speed sensor (DMI) and RTK GNSS is the key to provide smooth vehicle positioning, even during GPS Outages. To save users and integrators both time and money, the best equipment have been tested and selected to build a cost-effective and all-in-one package – Ekinox Land Solution.

High Performance for a Cost-effective Package

Ekinox Land Solution is an integrated package declined from the Ekinox Series, a range of inertial navigation systems based on the robust and cost-effective MEMS technology. Mounted on a vehicle, Ekinox Land Solution provides real-time roll, pitch, and true heading (0.05° accuracy) while delivering a smooth position (2 cm). Data is output at 200 Hz and recorded in a 8 GB data logger. A post-processing software is offered to increase attitude accuracy (up to 0.02°).

A New Response to Growing Markets Needs

Ekinox Land Solution is the ideal response to the growing need of vehicle real-time positioning, imagery sensor triggering, and data georeferencing at an affordable price. Mobile Mapping, Machine Control, Car motion analysis, and Unmanned Ground Vehicle Navigation, are some application examples where Ekinox Land Solution makes the difference.


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