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ActiveCare and Vista Therapeutics Collaborate to Develop Nano Biosensors in Geriatric Products

Biotelematic technology company, ActiveCare, Inc., and nanotechnology specialist, Vista Therapeutics, Inc., have entered into a strategic relationship for the development of Nano Biosensors that can be integrated into products and services used by the aged.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vista Therapeutics' technology will be integrated into ActiveCare solutions to render accurate, real-time geriatric medical information. These biosensors will facilitate continuous monitoring of certain common chronic diseases, which will result in predicting acute medical problems and preventing them as well.

Under exclusive license agreements with Harvard University and Nanosys, Inc., Vista Therapeutics is in the process of developing biosensors based on nanowires with the capability to detect and measure over 250 markers or indicators.

ActiveCare will pay a fee for developing products based on the Nano Biosensor Technology and make an equity investment in Vista Therapeutic. For the identification of new products and services, Dr. Farr, CEO and Chairman of Vista Therapeutics, will work on ActiveCare's advisory board. On the other hand, ActiveCare will enjoy exclusive rights to use the technology in the elderly product market. Through an exclusive sub-license, ActiveCare can obtain rights to use the technology in hospitals.

According to the President of ActiveCare, James Dalton, the technology is designed to improve the quality of life among the senior citizens. The technology will enable continuous monitoring at CareCenter specific disease and drug indicators, which will allow for immediate action for impending emergencies. Vista Therapeutics' biosensors will be integrated into the ActiveOne+ watch worn by the targets and transmit signals to the 24/7 CareCenter.

Source: ActiveCare, Inc.

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