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New Interactive Home Energy Solution from Energate

Energate Inc., the leading provider of interactive energy management solutions, announced today the release of its HōlHōm (pronounced whole home) Interactive In-Home Energy Management Solution. Consisting of both hardware and cloud services, HōlHōm solves the challenge of linking the entire energy usage of a home with comprehensive consumer controls: The new solution combines multiple proven technologies to enable real-time, whole-home energy consumption and HVAC control into one, single elegant solution.

The technology behind HōlHōm utilizes time-tested technologies verified by more than 40 utility companies in North America, and promises virtually universal application on utility meters. Furthermore, HōlHōm enables immediate meter data access to utility companies—providing the data for measurement and verification while allowing them to upgrade to AMI and ZigBee meters in the future.

The backbone of the new solution stems from the integration of Energate's Foundation™ Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway with Blue Line Innovations' sensor technology—the backbone as Foundation is an extensible platform to which Wi-Fi and the sensor can be added. Pairing Energate's recently developed Wi-Fi USNAP module with Blue Line Innovations' patented optical meter sensor—compatible with over 90% of all existing electric meters—that attaches easily to the outside of an electromechanical, digital, or smart electric utility meter, is the key to HōlHōm. Once in place, the sensor reads whole house electricity usage in real time directly from the utility's meter and transmits the highly accurate usage information wirelessly to Energate's Foundation and on to the cloud.

HōlHōm utilizes Blue Line Innovations' new sensors with increased range, allowing installation in larger homes where the meter is farther from the thermostat. Foundation can also be used as a stand-alone Smart Thermostat that will continue to display energy usage, control the HVAC system, and track energy usage—even if the Internet connection is lost.

"With an increasing influx of technology and data into people's homes, the evolution of what people demand from their utility company is becoming more and more complex," commented Peter Porteous, CEO of Blue Line Innovations. "Now, with the creation of the HōlHōm solution, Energate is truly the first company that has bridged the gap—a truly integrated customer engagement and demand response solution. With both data reporting and demand response being proven technologies, consumers and utility companies alike can now truly benefit from both programs in one fully integrated and cost-effective solution. This really is exactly what customers of utility companies have been asking for!"

"While smart meters are being deployed at a rapid rate, it will still take some years for them to become ubiquitous and fully incorporated into utility operations," says Steve Dodds, Energate's CEO. "Integrating Blue Line Innovations' proven technology into Foundation, and combining that with Energate's open and versatile Consumer Connected Demand Response™ (CCDR) platform, delivers far more options for utilities. This results in an immediate, future-enabled solution for demand response, peak energy use, and the growing demand of consumers for both mobile access and greater control of their energy usage."

"Providing technology solutions by which whole-house information can be gathered from the utility's meter, whether or not the utility has smart meters, opens the door to more extensive demand response programs," says Louis Szablya, Energate's EVP of Sales and Marketing. "Providing real-time data to the consumer and to the utility over the Internet and in the home has great benefits for both. Consumers can more closely monitor and manage their energy use, and utilities can get accurate feedback on the real-time success of their demand response events."

As it relates to consumer engagement, Energate's Foundation Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway was built on the premise of one key goal and function: delivering an intuitive user interface. With easy-to-navigate menu items, and multi-language wizards, users of the product are seamlessly guided through the setup process.

The simple, yet elegant interface, provides consumers with the most up-to-date energy usage, prices (if provided by the utility), and active utility load management events. In addition, Energate's CCDR platform with Foundation—together with load switches for pool pumps, electric vehicles, water heaters, appliances and HVAC—provides for shared control between the utility and consumers.

About Energate

Energate is the leader in interactive energy management solutions and products for utilities and their residential customers. It provides a complete solution that includes software, portals, mobile applications, and wireless devices such as gateways, smart thermostats, load control switches, and consumer energy displays.

Energate's Interactive Energy Management Solutions leverage the Smart Grid to mitigate supply and demand challenges, increase the use of renewables, and utilize dynamic rate structures. With Energate's standards-based open Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform, utilities can interactively address residential demand, and can empower their customers to more effectively manage energy use while not compromising their comfort and convenience.

Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in Toronto, Raleigh, Houston, Seattle, Spokane, and Los Angeles. For more information visit

About Blue Line Innovations

Blue Line Innovations Inc., founded in 2003, enables universal access to real time electricity data through its patented optical sensor. Compatible with both electromechanical and digital meters independently from the meter/grid communication network, this technology allows ALL utilities to participate in full energy efficiency and demand response programs. For more information see


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