TrailerSeal, a Real-Time Safeguard for the Shipping Industry

Earth Search Communications (Earth Search), a part of the RFID and GPS division of East Coast Diversified Corporation (ECDC) in Atlanta has launched its new product, TrailerSeal, which combines hardwares such as RFID, GPRS and GPS. It is battery operated and can be used repeatedly for tracking remote containers.

Business logic and intelligence embedded in TrailerSeal also safeguard the shipping containers both when they are in motion and when stationary by a nonstop supply of visibility from RFID tagged assets.

By forwarding data regarding location and incidents to GATIS (Global Asset Tracking & c), a software operating system owned by EarthSearch the containers and assets are visible real-time. GATIS merges RFID data, GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS) together to create a comprehensive solution. Majority of web browsers can access GATIS because of its advanced user interface which in turn helps to control out-of-the way incidents.

Each site and incident is noted down and conveyed by the sensor and furnishes information about unscheduled breaks taken by the trailer driver or sometimes even admittance of people who trespass. Lithium batteries with a life of 90 days, in TrailerSeal help to propel hourly alerts and warnings. Consigners could document load details in the sensor and thus permit TrailerSeal to monitor movements related to the load or cargo and also deliver current information to GATIS.

Kay Aladesuyi, CEO and Chairman of EarthSearch have said that, real globalization is not possible if constant visibility of shipments and containers are not provided. Through TrailerSeal and GATIS, EarthSearch endeavors to achieve it. It also shields cargo from being pilfered by sending warnings. It is of help to both producers and exporters as their containers, trailers and assets are guarded by TrailerSeal’s immediate visibility process.

Source: EarthSearch Communications International, Inc. (East Coast Diversified Corp.)

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