Non-Offensive Personal Drone Detection System from Domestic Drone Countermeasures

What if you didn't know a drone was invading your privacy? Domestic Drone Countermeasures' Personal Drone Detection System is your first line of defense.

Basic Drone Detection System (PRNewsFoto/Domestic Drone Countermeasures)

Luckily, Domestic Drone Countermeasures (DDC) has been working on protecting your privacy from drones for over a year. DDC has filed patents safeguarding the technology and is pleased to announce that the first consumer Drone Detection System is available for sale on (

The intent of DDC's Personal Drone Detection System is to keep your privacy safe from your neighbors and people you may not know who are flying drones near your home or office. The Personal Drone Detection Systems are intended to counter drones with cameras and other sensors that are not being regulated by the FAA.

The first step in countering drones is to detect them. The Basic Personal Drone Detection System consists of three boxes: a Primary Command and Control Module and two Detection Sensor Nodes powered by APlus Mobile technology.


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