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MEMS Integration Congress to Enable Clean Energy Solutions

According to a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) market analysis report, a total income of $10 billion is expected to be arrived at by the year 2014, due to 8.58 billion MEMS devices such as MEMS microphones, accelerometers, pressure sensors, and gyroscopes microfuel cells, energy harvesters, and RFID.

The spurt of growth in MEMS along with other factors will be examined in the MEMS Executive Congress in November 2010 in Scottsdale. All the leading lights in MEMS Supply systems would be present, to discuss and analyze how MWEMS integration along with other electronic products will allow a lot of interactivity and performance advancements.

Vida Ilderem, Director of the Integrated Platform Research Lab for Intel Corporation and Vice President of Intel Labs, will be addressing a talk on deep integration by means of physical design, digital, analog factors and also highly integrated platform-on-chip designs. It will also feature how sensors and impellers are being utilized in groundbreaking appliances in various sectors such as health, clean energy, and consumer electronics etc while trying to reckon ways to supply these products with a cost-effective pricing.

Another speaker, Hewlett-Packard’s strategist (Technology Development Organization) Rich Duncombe, will concentrate on how MEMS’ role as a core facilitating technology will bond all developing sensor networks in the computer age. According to him, HP has invented a high sensing product, which when used in wireless systems, can permit continuous information storage and investigations, for example, a wireless seismic sensing device to capture seismic data. This equipment created by collaborating with Shell will greatly enhance seismic imaging, thereby permitting Shell to analyze economically oil and gas reservoirs.

Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group’s Managing Director stated that, this event would go on for two days, and would include important speakers from various fields with only one thing in common MEMS integration. The topics of discussion would include Smart and Clean Energy, Chaired by André Rouzaud including panelists from companies like Honeywell, Siargo and Intel; Robotics and Intelligent Healthcare products, moderated by Harry Stephanou of ARRI with other members from Freescale Semiconductor, 3G Doctor, University of Tokyo, a games designer and a Buhl university Professor; Next-Generation Mobile Consumer MEMS moderated by Bosch CEO, Frank Melzer along with officials from Microvision, Samsung, NDK, and CSR; and finally, MEMS Market Analyst Panel, lead by EV Group’s General Manager and Vice President, Steven Dwyer, featuring speakers from iSuppli, Eloy, Roger Grace Associates and Boucher-Lensch Associates.


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