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ELSAG Collaborates with Safety Dynamics for Sensor Imposed Law Enforcement

ELSAG North America, a pioneer in Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, declared its collaboration with Safety Dynamics to combine their technologies for the effective production of updated law implementation tool.

Safety Dynamics trade and support SENTRI (Sensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition and Identification) system for the law enforcement identifies explosives, gunshots and impulsive sounds with more than 90% detection and the field of sight with a degree of ±1. It transfers an angle and elevation information to the cameras which can be realigned to the origin of the incident. The technology series traps video images of the shooter as well as the location of the license plates. The ALPR cameras from ELSAG can capture a maximum of 3,600 tags per minute with high precision.

According to Mark Windover, president and CEO, ELSAG, North America, the improved technology can ensure America’s safety and that the ELSAG’s bond with Safety Dynamics will enhance the sensor technology safeguarding the nation from violence.

The chronological pattern recognition technology from Safety Dynamics combined with the APLR sensor technology will efficiently enhance the precise detection, speed and specify the gunshot localization.

Sally Fernandez, president, Safety Dynamics, commented that the collaboration of ELSAG with Safety Dynamics will help in developing newer technologies for imposing law and providing safety to their Homeland.

The tremendous increase in vehicles stress the need for traffic steadiness, clog reduction and law administration. The regular upgradation of the technologies will help minimizing the crime and provide security.


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