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Presagis Launches Ondulus Radar Software Product for a Wide Variety of Simulation Applications

Presagis, a leading provider of commercial modeling, simulation, and embedded software, today announced the launch of Ondulus Radar, a new Radar software product that gives organizations the tools to add high-fidelity, high-performance radar sensors to a wide variety of simulation applications.

The name Ondulous comes from the Latin "unda" for wave and signifies the waves that radar systems use to illuminate objects. Ondulous Radar can simulate ground-based radar at a given geographic location as well as radar on board simulated vehicles, including tanks, ships, planes, and fast jets, to understand how distance, mobility, and speed affect radar performance.

With opportunities to design and train on radar simulation systems, military agencies, national airspace management agencies, air traffic control operators, and universities and research labs will see clear benefits from the new Ondulus Radar.

"Delivering Ondulus Radar to the market is an important step toward our vision of a complete suite of dynamic, high-fidelity, physics-based simulated sensor solutions," said Eric Simon, Head of Innovation at Presagis. "Our ultimate goal is to bring sensor fusion to all our customers."

Ondulus Radar is part of the Presagis M&S Suite, a unique end-to-end modeling and simulation framework that includes database and 3D modeling tools, sensor material classification tools, computer generated forces, and FlightSIM and HeliSIM for flight dynamics modeling.

"The best part is how easy we've made it to integrate Ondulus Radar with our UAV, helicopter, and aircraft simulation software," said Simon. "And, as Ondulus Radar was fully developed in Canada, we can now offer our first non-ITAR sensor product."


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