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Sensonor Technologies Launch Oscillatory Digital Gyroscope SAR500

Sensonor Technologies, a pioneer in MEMS technology and manufacturer of advanced integrated gyro and pressure sensors for extreme environments, is advancing a new less-noise, highly accurate, reliable, measurable, counteracting, oscillatory digital gyroscope with ceramic shielded SPI interface known as SAR500.

The SAR500 is fabricated with an analog ASIC and a MEMS Butterfly™ die and the whole device is protected with a firm custom-built ceramic pack. A digital ASIC or a FPGA comprises the required functional and control algorithms for executing excellent operation. The superior gyroscope is factory measured and balanced for temperature sensing for high-precision output in a digital mode over wide ranges of temperature. The fine tuning of detection and excitation frequencies and balancing the mechanical and electrical masses permits very low sensitivity to vibrations and shocks.

The sensing component comprises two equivalent masses that are attached by non-symmetrical springs to the base for diminishing the thermal and mechanical stress and the feedback loop maintains the detection and excitation process. In order to adjust the resonance frequencies of the detection and excitation modes and to balance the quadrature of the gyroscopes, additional electrodes are utilized. The shielded cavity technology permits the incorporation of the vibrating masses in an isolated environment for extended Q elements and decreased damping. The selection of crystalline elements in the whole build of the sensing device and the symmetrical design in the vertical axis contributes enhanced stability to the gyroscope.

The circuits for signal processing involves an analog ASIC and a digital element which can be applied in ASIC or FPGA. The analog ASIC is comprised of the fifth order delta-sigma ADCs, accurate, low noise charge intensifiers , low pass filters for feedback signals and voltage references and the digital ASIC furnishes delta-sigma DACs for excitation and detection feedback and a constant , high-resolution implementation of the loop filters. It also permits synchronal demodulation of the low noise, and adjusts the temperature change of scale factor and bias. The gyro can execute productive outputs of the angular rate and other information. The device can perform angular measurements in the order of 0.0040 / sqr (hr), with an in-run bias constancy of 0.02° hr and bias recurrence of 0.1° per hr.



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