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  • Article - 29 Jan 2020
    Polymers are used in many applications and are often documented on their tensile strength and physical properties.
  • Article - 26 Oct 2012
    In this interview, AZoSensors talks to Dr. Hanne Degans, Science Editor from imec about the world of nanoelectronics.
  • Article - 27 Oct 2018
    Graphene has many applications, and sensor technology is perhaps one of the areas where graphene has found the most use, especially from an academic perspective.
  • Article - 8 Oct 2019
    Intelligent polymers, also known as smart polymers, are bodies that react to small physical or chemical stimuli surrounding them, thus causing them to transform.
  • Article - 4 Feb 2020
    Charge-coupled devices (CCD) represent a major technology for digital imaging and has applications in astrophotography, spectrometers, and interferometers.
  • Article - 10 May 2017
    Calorimeters are a tool used in calorimetric testing (calorimetry), which is the process of measuring heat, enthalpy or specific heat capacity for both chemical reactions and physical changes in a...
  • Article - 25 Feb 2022
    Researchers report the preparation of a low-cost composite paper that provides electrocatalytic and conducting properties appropriate for electrochemical sensing.
  • Article - 12 Jun 2013
    This article discuses the use of metal nanoparticles for the development of biosensors and detection of disease.
  • Article - 7 Aug 2012
    This article takes the reader through a basic structural and functional principle to cantilever sensor technology for DNA detection.
  • Article - 22 Jul 2021
    Advancements within the field of wireless technology, wearable electronics, smart materials, and functional fibers have enhanced the mechanical, optical, and electrical capabilities of biosensing...