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  • Article - 27 Sep 2017
    Temperature can be easily measured and recorded using a thermocouple. Thermocouples work consistently in most environments, tolerating vibration, temperature extremes and even ionizing radiation.
  • Article - 26 Sep 2017
    A temperature-controlled supply chain makes it possible to have roses in January or fresh salmon in August. Year round, fresh produce like seafood, vegetables, and flowers move through a continuous...
  • Article - 22 Sep 2017
    Shafigh Nategh, while conducting research at KTH School of Electrical Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden, demonstrated the ability of high thermal conductivity materials to advance performance in electric...
  • Article - 24 Aug 2017
    Imagine measuring the temperature of separate living cells. This is the world of nanosensors. The thermocouple wires would have to be less than a micron in diameter.
  • Article - 24 Aug 2017
    Temperature is measured by an infrared intemperature probe by detecting the infrared energy produced by all materials which are at temperatures higher than absolute zero, (0 °K).
  • Article - 24 Aug 2017
    An integral part of launch vehicles, payloads and support systems, sensors and accessories provide significant information to controllers and computers during preparation and flight, such as real-time...
  • Article - 24 Aug 2017
    Choosing the right thermocouple or RTD for an application will enhance performance, prevent sensor damage and provide superior protection against vibration.
  • Article - 6 Jul 2017
    Engines are considered to be complex pieces of machinery, and thoroughly testing them means testing many different variables. How much air is the engine taking in? How’s the noise level?
  • Article - 15 May 2017
    As a general class of calorimeter, if your reaction involves heat transfer process or is largely exothermic in nature, these calorimeters will provide the user with the necessary information as to...
  • Article - 29 Apr 2017
    A thermocouple is a sensor used for measuring temperature. It comprises of two dissimilar metal wires, which are connected at one end and joined to a thermocouple-thermometer or another...