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  • Article - 9 Oct 2013
    Broadly speaking, pyrometers belong to a class of thermometers that are used for measuring only high temperatures. However, today they have been modified to measure low temperatures as well.
  • Article - 20 Jul 2013
    A pyranometer is a type of actinometer that can measure solar irradiance in the desired location and solar radiation flux density. The solar radiation spectrum extends approximately between 300 and...
  • Article - 28 Mar 2013
    Ever increasing aging population is the driving factor for patient auto-monitoring systems. Moreover, the consistency, repeatability and low cost of these systems make them more popular.
  • Article - 10 Jan 2013
    Steven L. Garrett, Professor of Acoustics and Senior Scientist at Penn State University talks to AZoSensors about the application of thermoacoustic sensors to examine nuclear fuel rods.
  • Article - 6 Jul 2012
    This article discusses the basic functional principle to a heat flux sensor, the different types of heat flux sensors and their applications.