Room Status Indicators for Early Display of Local Information

The Room Status Indicator has been developed by International Gas Detectors Ltd and is the next stage in the gas detection evolution. The status indicator can produce live readings of up to 8 detectors/devices in the specified rooms.

In addition to this, the system can provide both a visual indication of the rooms current status as well as including built in sounders. These can provide both a clear visual and audible alarm status for the user. The system provides a clear unmistakable alarm indication which can allow you to instantly know the current hazard in the room without confusing it with a fire alarm.

The Room Status Indicator includes a green light which illuminates when the room is clear and safe of hazards, using current gas readings. Also, the indicator uses a red alarm and sounder to indicate a hazardous area. This also includes a personalized message for the user. To allow for extra flexibility and safety coverage, the indicators can also be fitted with slam switches and key switch options.

The room indicator utilizes the same technology as the 2-Wire addressable systems which is also developed by International Gas Detectors Ltd, using the two core cables for both power and communication. The revolutionary technology is explained further in the dedicated video on YouTube named ‘2-Wire Intro’.

The 2-wire gas detection system is cheaper and faster to install than current detection systems. International Gas Detectors Ltd’s 2-wire systems utilize 2 core cables which minimizes the number of cable cores. Cable cores for this system have no polarity and therefore also minimize the possibility of mis-connection and speed up the install time. Consequently, the IGD’s 2-wire gas detection systems can reduce installation costs by as much as 70%.

The status indicators have up to 7 input and output options which permits the user to add additional detectors off the status indicator. The room status indicator can be programmed to interface to standard 4-20mA detectors. Therefore, information such as temperatures, pressures, flows can be displayed on a room status indicator. In fact, any sensor that has a 4-20mA output can be read onto a detector node and transmitted to the Room Status Indicator.

Furthermore, the Room Status Indicators have relays and digital outputs included to run additional illuminated signage, beacons, solenoids or door controls to further enhance site safety.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by International Gas Detectors Ltd.

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