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Addressable Room Status Indicator – Simple 2 Wire System

The Room Status Indicator can produce live readings of up to 8 detectors/devices in the specified rooms. In addition to this, the system can provide both a visual indication of the rooms status as well as including built in sounders. These can provide both a clear visual and audible alarm status for the user.

The status indicators provide accurate measurement of the background atmosphere for gas. Clean lines and easy integration make the detectors a reliable long-term monitoring solution. The 750 Series Annunciators are effective door entry protection and include a room status display.

The green light display with a message changes to a flashing red light as well as a message and alarm. With its built-in sounder, 750 Annunciators provide a clear unambiguous alarm that cannot be confused with a fire or security alarm.

Key Features

  • Color RGB
  • Sounder
  • Slam Switch
  • Control Relay
  • Digital or Analogue Device Inputs
  • Gas Detectors for Flammable Gases, Toxic Gases or Oxygen Detection.

Available Sensors

  • Up to 8 devices (both 4-20mA and digital outputs) can be displayed in real time
  • Up to 7 input and output options of one Status Indicator

Powerful systems for Gas Detection for the fire safety smoke fans in car parks. We are pleased to say we've supplied and installed several IGD systems and consider them to be the best in the market place for Gas Detection. This new 2-wire platform revolutionises our offering with so much flexibility on I/O also enabling field wiring to be just one cable regardless of what types of detection or annunciation nodes are required. Great work from IGD.

Collen Baker, Air Quality and Comfort Cooling Specialist, COOL-TECH

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