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Addressable Room Status Indicator – Simple 2 Wire System

The Room Status Indicator can produce live readings of up to 8 detectors/devices in the specified rooms. In addition to this, the system can provide both a visual indication of the rooms status as well as including built in sounders. These can provide both a clear visual and audible alarm status for the user.

The status indicators provide accurate measurement of the background atmosphere for gas. Clean lines and easy integration make the detectors a reliable long-term monitoring solution. The 750 Series Annunciators are effective door entry protection and include a room status display.

The green light display with a message changes to a flashing red light as well as a message and alarm. With its built-in sounder, 750 Annunciators provide a clear unambiguous alarm that cannot be confused with a fire or security alarm.

Key Features:

  • Color RGB
  • Sounder
  • Slam Switch
  • Control Relay
  • Digital or Analogue Device Inputs
  • Gas Detectors for Flammable Gases, Toxic Gases or Oxygen Detection.

The available sensors include:

  • Up to 8 devices (both 4-20mA and digital outputs) can be displayed in real time
  • Up to 7 input and output options of one Status Indicator


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