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Free Online Gas Detection Training Course

Since 1917, International Gas Detectors (IGD) has provided their customers with a wide variety of gas detection systems. More recently, IGD has introduced their Online Training Academy, which incorporates Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approved courses that have been externally accredited by CPDUK. Furthermore, additional free courses that IGD offers through this academy include:

  • Introduction to Toxic Gas Detection and Oxygen Depletion Basics
  • Introduction to Flammable Gas Detection Basics
  • Surveying for Gas Detection
  • The Importance of Bump Testing Fixed System and How to Bump Test IGD Systems


IGD recommends this training academy for industry personnel including:

  • End users using gases
  • Specifying gas detection
  • Designing gas detection systems
  • HSE Personnel
  • Plant managers
  • Lab Managers


IGD offers partner companies and approved service engineers with various product-specific ‘how to’ videos that can be easily accessed from both on- and off-site locations. By utilizing these services, users can learn more about IGD products while also answering any technical queries they may have in the process.

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