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Gas Sampling System for Hard to Access Locations – 2-Wire 750 System

The TOCSIN 750 2-Wire addressable sampling system allows one to provide gas detection in difficult to access areas.

Typical examples could include:

  • Clean Rooms: 750 sampling systems integrated with IGD’s through wall sample points are the ideal option for clean rooms.
  • High-Level gas Detection: Gas detection need not be fit into high roof bays where access would be problematic. 2-wire 750 series sampling systems can be effortlessly fitted at ground level with tubing running to the high-level roof space.
  • Sumps and Pits: These are typically inhospitable places for gas detectors. IGD’s 750 2-wire series sampling system, permits the detection module to be correctly located for service with tubing running into the sump, drain, or pit.

The 750 2-wire sampling system integrates the latest in piezo pump technology, with virtually no moving parts, no pump seals, no valves, resulting in low maintenance and high reliability. A zero port is provided with active filtration in order to allow the module to periodically zero or calibrate itself. This brings about reduced detection limits since the detector has less zero drift.

Powerful systems for Gas Detection for the fire safety smoke fans in car parks. We are pleased to say we've supplied and installed several IGD systems and consider them to be the best in the market place for Gas Detection. This new 2-wire platform revolutionises our offering with so much flexibility on I/O also enabling field wiring to be just one cable regardless of what types of detection or annunciation nodes are required. Great work from IGD.

Collen Baker, Air Quality and Comfort Cooling Specialist, COOL-TECH


  • Low maintenance
  • Sample rate typically 1.0 L/Min
  • Constant flow monitoring
  • Programmable sample and zero periods
  • Automatic Zero function (or calibrate for Oxygen)
  • Exceptional zero stability, permitting lower detection alarms
  • Piezo Pumps with virtually no moving parts
  • Sample line length up to 20 M with 6 mm x 4 mm polyurethane tubing

Gas Sampler Types

  • Oxygen Sampler
  • Hydrogen Sampler
  • Nitrous Oxide Sampler
  • Ammonia Sampler
  • Flammable Sampler
  • Carbon Dioxide Sampler
  • Carbon Monoxide Sampler


  • Cleanroom sample points
  • PTFE tube options
  • End of the line sample tube and filter
  • Fitting kits with 20M tube coils
  • Sample point gas collector cone

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