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Handheld Gas Monitor - Personal Gas Monitor

International Gas Detectors newest single gas monitor is available for a wide range of different gases. The system is a versatile and affordable solution for portable gas detection.

The single gas monitor uses the latest sensor technology, providing it with the following benefits:

  • Models available for more than 30 different gases
  • Measurements that are accurate, repeatable and reliable
  • An improved response time
  • Less chance of false alarms
  • Sensor lifetime of 2 years

Key Features

Personal gas monitors from International Gas Detectors use lithium batteries that can be recharged via USB connection. The lithium batteries provide a longer lifetime between charge cycles, helping to minimize downtime.

In addition, the use of a USB connection to charge the device means it can be charged virtually anywhere without the need to use expensive charging cradles.

The system provides users with information through a clear and easy to use 1.77″ LCD screen.

The detector is housed within shock resistant and anti-slip ABS plastic, helping to extend the lifetime if the device and reducing the cost of replacement. The plastic casing means the detector has a very low weight of just 50 g.

Handheld Gas Monitor - Personal Gas Monitor

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Personal Gas Monitor-Picture 2
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