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Safe Area Addressable Gas Detector: TOC-750


The 750 safe area addressable gas detectors from International Gas Detectors are revolutionary. Using the company’s advanced Sentinel+™ communication, all detectors are joined on a single two-core cable for the purpose of both communication and power.

The 750 safe area gas detectors from International Gas Detectors come with sensor options for more than 400 gases and vapors, rendering it the most multipurpose sensor available commercially.

Gas Type

  • Carbon monoxide (CO): 0–100 ppm
  • Ethylene oxide (ETO): 0–10 ppm
  • Chlorine (Cl2): 0–5 ppm
  • Ethylene (C2H4): 0–200 ppm
  • Formaldehyde (CH2O): 0–5 ppm
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): 0–5000 ppm or 0%–5% VOL
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2): 0–5 ppm
  • Fluorine (F2): 0–1 ppm
  • Hydrogen (H2): 0–1000 ppm
  • Hydrogen fluoride (HF): 0–10 ppm
  • Hydrogen chloride (HCL): 0–10 ppm
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S): 0–50 ppm
  • Hydrogen cyanide (HCN): 0–10 ppm
  • Hydrogen bromide (HBR): 0–20 ppm
  • High-range carbon monoxide (HCO): 0–2000 ppm
  • Nitric oxide (NO): 0–25 ppm
  • Oxygen (O2): 0%–25% VOL
  • Ammonia (NH3): 0–100 ppm up to 0–5000 ppm
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC): 0–200 ppm and 0–2000 ppm
  • Ozone (O3): 0–5 ppm
  • Infrared flammable (IRF): 0%–100% LEL
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2): 0–5 ppm
  • Phosphine (PH3): 0–5 ppm
  • Flammable (FLAM): 0%–100% LEL
  • Silane (SiH4): 0–10 ppm

The 750 safe area addressable gas detector uses only a two-core cable (daisy-chained to a master control panel and other detectors) for the purpose of both communication and power. This allows users to save installation costs of up to 70% when compared to conventional gas detectors.

Users can easily upgrade the present-day systems and can use the wiring again, allowing them to effectively and rapidly upgrade old analog systems with a minimal cost.

Multiple I/O Points Per Detector

The 750 safe area addressable detectors from International Gas Detectors include numerous output and input options on the real sensor. This implies that a single detector can handle up to seven other devices, including but not limited to slam switches, other gas detectors, displays, analog devices (third party included), gas supply valves and beacon sounders.

This aspect provides users with a multipurpose detector, decreasing cabling and installation requirements and offering much-needed distributed control without the necessity for costly I/O cards.

Unique Labyrinth Sensor Design

A built-in baffle/splash guard is included in the front of the molded detector. This guard makes sure that the detector is fully protected by a labyrinth arrangement. While gas can penetrate, harmful splashes and dirt cannot do so. This feature prolongs the life of the detector and ensures maximum performance at all times.

The molding and final assembly make sure that the detector compartment is sealed away from the electronics compartment and the terminal box. This prevents the entry of moisture, corrosive gases, etc., where they are likely to cause damage.

The molded detector front can also be equipped with calibration adaptors, pitot sample assemblies, and pipe-in-pipe adaptors. The calibration adaptor has been particularly developed to present gas in the same way as it occurs in routine operation. This makes it possible to perform traceable calibrations and checks, which are crucial in any safety system.

Safe Area Detector ABS Design

The tough ABS detectors do not corrode and also provide a high level of chemical resistance. The 750 addressable safe area gas detectors are IP54 rated. The electronics, detectors and sensor testing integrated into the 750 safe area addressable gas detectors are exactly the same as those used in the ATEX variant from International Gas Detectors.

The housing material is the only difference in these models but if users do not need an ATEX-rated detector, they are not expected to pay for one.

The safe area addressable gas detectors can be used in those applications that are not zoned ATEX locations. But International Gas Detectors makes sure that the quality of the detection is identical since its detectors are doing the same kind of job.

The housing can be mounted on the wall with conduit knock-outs pre-molded. But TOC-750 series addressable gas detector housing can also be flush wall-mounted or mounted to Dado trunking since they are a standard two-gang mount.

Replaceable Sensor Fronts and Auto Changeover

The 750 safe area addressable gas detector comes with sensor fronts that can be easily replaced. This means that as soon as the sensor reaches its end of life, users can easily substitute the detector front side with a pre-calibrated one. The detectors use an easy plug-and-play technology that considerably decreases on-going maintenance costs.

Besides this, all the 750 addressable gas detectors from International Gas Detectors include AUTO detect and AUTO changeover features. This means the gas type of the detector can be changed by simply swapping the fronts and the system will spot this change and then set it up automatically. This is perfect for locations like rented laboratories.

Sentinel+ Addressable Communication

The 750 series detectors utilize the Sentinel+ ™ 2-Wire protocol to communicate across the two-core power cable. This considerably decreases cabling costs (by around 70% to 80% when compared to existing commercially available systems). Terminations are also made easy, while reliability is enhanced.

The Sentinel+™ protocol constantly tracks data between the system controller and the connected detectors, thus ensuring the highest integrity and availability of the system. Existing systems can be easily upgraded using only a pair of wires for communication and power. This can be done using the original cabling, with the choice to include more devices and detectors as needed.


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