Personal CO2 Monitor for Confined Spaces: SENKO iGAS

The SENKO iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor from International Gas Detectors has been particularly developed to detect the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in limited spaces. It allows users to detect the gas instantly.

The SENKO iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor uses a low-power non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor to enable quick and precise detection in a lightweight and compact package.

The iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor has been developed to resist even the most adverse industrial working conditions and comes with an IP66/67 protection rating. It provides the best-in-class operating time with a battery that lasts for more than seven days from a single charge. This makes iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor the perfect personal protection device for industries, like beverage, refrigeration engineers and delivery drivers.

iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor

The SENKO iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor is the perfect portable device designed for detecting CO2. It includes a visual and vibration alarm and a 90 db internal sounder, which make it the perfect solution for personal safety in rough industrial environments. The display offers real-time gas concentrations, which render it easy to operate and understand.

The iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor has been pre-programmed with set alarm levels. These levels can be altered through the PC software. Users can also download 30 latest events onto a computer for reporting.

Long Battery Life

The iGAS Personal CO2 monitor integrates low-powered IR sensor technology and sophisticated lithium-ion batteries and comes with the longest operational battery life available on the market. It has an operational battery life of more than seven days on a single charge.

Besides these features, the iGAS Personal CO2 monitor also uses USB for charging and, therefore, has the fastest charging time. This feature makes it a highly adaptable device for CO2 protection and significantly decreases monitor downtime between charges.

Lightweight, Compact, and Affordable

The iGAS personal CO2 monitor has also been developed by keeping the end-user in mind. The monitor is sealed in an integrated rubberized and polycarbonate housing, rendering it extraordinarily lightweight, weighing just 93 g.

The rubberized and polycarbonate housing of the iGAS personal CO2 monitor allows it to last for a long time. This means, even if users are delivery drivers working in a laboratory or brewery, or refrigeration engineers, the iGAS CO2 monitor will withstand the surroundings.

Furthermore, the iGAS personal CO2 monitors NDIR sensor should last up to five to seven years before it requires replacing. This significantly decreases upkeep charges over the long term.

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