Carrying out Continuous Level Measurement of Powdered Milk

The Application

Powdered milk is milk from large dairy farms that has been powdered to enable easy shipment. This powdered milk is stored in silos which are generally between 35 and 60 foot high. Measurement of powdered milk within these silos is essential for effective inventory control, as well as alerting workers to when the silos should be emptied.

The Problem

Historically, traditional ‘ultrasonic’ methods of measurement were only able to provide level indication within the smallest silos. These were unreliable when used during filling and emptying due to the dusty atmosphere present and, in many cases, it was necessary to manually sound silos with rope and weight.

FDA inspectors frequently visited the silos and found the rope and weight method to be problematic as they are often highly critical of any type of level measurement which involves contact with the product.

In order to ensure compliance with FDA regulations, the end user was prompted to eliminate any device that the FDA could consider to be non-sanitary.

The Solution

In order to address this problem, Drexelbrook provided and installed a DR7000 continuous level transmitter and a DN80 Horn with extension on a Sanitary Triclover fitting.

The DR7000 level transmitter utilizes 24-26 ghz FMCW Radar technology to provide a continuous level measurement regardless of vapor, dust, moisture content or even moisture variations in the low dielectric powdered product. The DR7000 level transmitter is now ensuring that reliable non-contact, sanitary, continuous measurement of the powdered milk level is possible, even in the tallest silos.


The DR7000 level transmitter offered several key benefits including reduced downtime (resulting in increased cost-effectiveness), simple set up via a menu-driven user configuration and overall efficiency improvements in inventory and process management.

Other Solutions

Other potential solutions to this issue could include evaporators or the use of high or low level powders.

Typical Uses

The DR7000 level transmitter is suitable for a wide range of applications including point level measurement, continuous level measurement, inventory management, overfill protection, waste management and regulatory compliance.

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