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Point Level Applications - Line Powered Level Switches

The line powered version of ThePoint level switch is an ideal product for a majority of point level applications.

Many of the features and benefits of Drexelbrook’s popular IntelliPoint model can be seen in ThePoint, including the same high performance, albeit at a lower cost.

ThePoint is maintenance free as it does not have any moving points, and is the perfect replacement for more expensive, less hardwearing point level systems. To sum up, ThePoint is the best value for a no calibration, line powered, point level switch available.

Key Features

  • Cote-Shield circuits ignore coatings
  • Applications from cryogenic to 500 ºF, vacuum to 1,000 psi
  • No moving parts - a long-term maintenance-free operation
  • Supply voltage: 19-250 VAC, 18-200 VDC, Auto-detection without jumpers

Product Type

Liquid level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Granular level sensor, Point level transmitter, Point level switch, Point level sensor, Sewage wells, and Wastewater.

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