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Level Switches Removing the Need for Routine Maintenance - Z-Tron IV

The Z-Tron IV level switch is a one-piece, on/off level switch that has no moving parts. This gives it a clear advantage over paddle wheels, vibrating tines or other mechanical instruments that have complex internal machinery, which can jam or break. The one-piece structure removes the need for routine maintenance (i.e. cleaning or replacing worn parts), saving time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

This feature makes the Z-Tron IV level switch a popular choice in a wide range of practical, low-cost material level detection applications. It is an excellent alternative to classic electrode controls and electromechanical level switches such as floating switches.

The patented Cote-Shield circuitry allows the system to ignore coatings or build upon a designated length of the sensing element, and it will detect no false signals from tunneling or dust. It’s not affected by tacky coatings and impervious to corrosive fluids.

Installation is easily achieved via a single 3/4-inch vessel opening, with further calibration being fast and simple.

Key Features

  • DPDT relay closure
  • Power supply:
    • AC device (field adjustable): 95-145 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 Watt
    • DC device: 24 VDC Unit: 19-29 VDC input, 2 Watt
  • Operating point range: 0-80 pF (20 turn pot / 4 pF per turn). Extended range with external pad capacitator, pad ratio 1:1

Product Type

Liquid level sensor, Point level switch, Point level transmitter, Point level sensor, Level control, Electrode control

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