Wireless Transmitter Adjustment Using Bluetooth

Any transmitter can be adjusted wirelessly from a distance of approximately 25 meters with this optional Bluetooth feature. With all functions integrated in the VEGA Tools App, your smartphone or tablet can give you access to the setup and adjustment functions of the sensor, with ultimate convenience.

The VEGA Tools App lets you get measured value display and diagnostics via a smartphone or tablet. You’ll get access to all the operational data you need including measured value, event memory and sensor status display, echo curve and Bluetooth range information.

On-Site Adjustment with a Magnetic Pen

This new Bluetooth option also enables you to adjust the sensor on-site with the help of a magnetic pen. The sensor can even be adjusted through a closed lid and operated while wearing gloves. As the sensor will remain protected, it’s an ideal solution when working in hazardous areas or in harsh, dirty measuring environments.

plics® - Simplicity with System

Prefabricated components are used to assemble every measuring instrument, and the modular design allows maximum flexibility when selecting the required sensor features.

Display and Adjustment

  • Can be used on any plics® sensor, no matter the measuring principle or the instrument generation
  • Display and adjustment module PLICSCOM for measured value indication, setup and diagnosis

PC Adjustment

  • Sensor set up with the proven DTM/FDT technology and PACTware
  • Graphics-supported EDDs for EDD-based systems.


  • Asset management reports according to NE 107 and status messages in plain text
  • Measured value and event memory with date and time information

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