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Reliable and Low-Cost Radar Motion Detection using Speed and Distance Information

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Motion sensors are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. They aid automatic systems and human operators in detecting people and moving objects, providing many security and safety benefits. This article will explore InnoSenT GmbH’s new motion detector and what it means for the industry.

An Overview of Motion Sensors and the Industry

Valued at $5.2 bn globally in 2018, the motion sensor industry has grown from $993.7 in 2014 and is predicted to grow even further in coming years. The extensive use of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology has provided increasing miniaturization of motion detection hardware, leading to a paradigm shift in the industry.

Motion sensors are used in applications such as home security systems, tsunami and earthquake early warning systems, occupancy sensors for lighting, and automatic door opening technology. Electronics in motion sensors detect and interpret changes in the acoustic, visual, or microwave fields in the proximity of the detector.

There are several types of motion sensors available on the market, including:

  • Active detectors
  • Passive infrared sensors
  • Microwave sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Gesture detectors

Low-cost detectors can detect objects up to 15 m away, with larger and more expensive systems able to detect objects at a longer distance.

The lack of affordable, reliable, and versatile motion detection options on the market has been one issue that companies have tried to solve in recent years. One solution to this issue has been presented by InnoSenT GmbH with the introduction of its new product, the IMD-2000.

What is the IMD-2000?

The IMD-2000 from InnoSent GmbH is a new radar-based motion detection solution. It is the second product in a new system designed to provide more accurate and reliable applications for a wide range of uses.

The IMD-2000 offers contactless control of simple motion detector applications. It is designed for use in applications such as access control, machines, and building and security systems. It can reliably detect movements of objects and people, providing both speed and distance information with improved accuracy.

The maximum detection range of the system is 50 m. As an example of how useful this functionality is, people are typically detected at a range of 15 m – the system, therefore, provides a huge increase in this capacity.

Software settings can be adjusted by the user to limit the range and optimally adapt the detection area. The sensor has a good field of view at 48o (vertical) or 98o (horizontal) in elevation and azimuth, depending on the position.

The FSK radar system operates in the 24 GHz range, accurately measuring the velocity, range, and direction (coming or going) of target objects. Even slow-moving objects (as low as 0.23 km/h) can be reliably detected. The 24 GHz operational range means that the IMD-2000 conforms to global certification for use.

InnoSenT GmbH designed the motion detection system to be light and compact, for use in any application an end-user needs it for. The IMD-2000 dimensions are 25 x 20 x 12.2 mm, which allows it to be included in existing equipment without any further modification of the customer’s hardware. The system is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to an operational range of -30 - 80 o C.

The IMD-2000 provides additional data such as signal strength and ETA, with information output via a UART interface. Integrated signal evaluation and standardized interfaces enable easy configuration and commissioning options. The system can be used by anyone with minimal training.

All of these features make the IMD-2000 an interesting and potentially industry-leading product from InnoSenT GmbH.

What Does This New Technology Mean for the Industry?

The motion sensor industry, like any other, is constantly innovating and releasing new products to the market. However, practical challenges exist which must be overcome if the industry is to continue evolving.

One such practical challenge for motion detectors, especially with security systems, is the limitations of motion detectors in accurately identifying people who may pose a threat. The IMD-2000’s radar detection system, with its ability to limit the detection area, significantly improves the false alarm rate, meaning that non-threatening individuals can easily be ignored by the security system.

The technology also provides improvements to other applications. When installed in a door opener, cross-traffic can be ignored. Needs-based control for a variety of applications is enabled, making the equipment it is installed into significantly smarter.

This product will no doubt pave the way for more compact, versatile, and smart automated motion sensing technology.

InnosenT’s IMD-2000 and Solar: Creating Smart Low-Carbon Motion Detection Systems

Solar power is undoubtedly the future for powering many industrial applications. Sustainability is key to carbon emission targets and by powering motion detection systems with solar energy, their carbon footprint is significantly reduced. Solar radiation can be used to power the sensor during daylight and store energy for night-time use.

Installing a smart motion sensor unit such as the IMD-2000 into a solar-powered system, such as a security light, has a twofold advantage. One, solar power reduces the environmental impact and is significantly cheaper to run. Secondly, power can be saved further by installing a smart sensor that reacts when needed.

Smart, Radar-Based Systems: A Cutting-Edge Solution for the Motion Sensor Industry

The IMD-2000 presents a brand new, cutting-edge solution to common problems with current motion sensor technology. It is paving the way for smarter, more responsive motion detection systems for applications such as security and early warning systems. The motion sensor industry will no doubt include more smart systems like this in the future.

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