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Delta-T SunScan Canopy Analysis System

The SunScan Canopy Analysis System from Delta-T Devices provides key insight into biomass production and leaf area index (LAI) by utilizing field measurements of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in crop canopies.

The 1 m probe is designed for low regular canopies such as most agricultural crops. The equipment provides rapid spatial averaging of PAR mapping and large areas for non-uniform crops such as orchards and vineyards.

It can be utilized in virtually any weather conditions thanks to the innovative BF5 reference PAR sunshine sensor, which rapidly and conveniently provides above-canopy reference measurements.

There are 64 PAR sensors embedded in the SunScan Canopy Analysis Probe. A RPDA1 hand-held PDA receives the measurements taken by all sensors through an RS232 interface to compoute the average PAR level.

However, all 64 individual sensor readings can be recorded for making linear transects or more complete PAR mapping. The system can be set to automatic logging mode to acquire weather data over a period of time at a fixed point. The probe can serve as a Linear Quantum Sensor when integrated to a data logger.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the SunScan Canopy Analysis System:

  • Unique above-canopy reference sensor simultaneously measures the direct and diffuse radiation above the crop canopies
  • Windows Mobile PDA compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Optional radio link eliminates the requirement for long connecting cables
  • Direct display of LAI
  • Measures incident and transmitted PAR in canopies.

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