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ST60 Quad Thermopile Detectors from Dexter

Dexter’s ST60 quad thermopile detectors are the fastest time constant four-channel devices available in the market. These four-channel silicon-based thermopile detectors come in a TO-5 package.

The ST60R quad version provides an economical, 20% tolerance, poly-silicon resistor that can be applied as a PTC thermistor. The internal 30kΩ 5% NTC chip thermistor offers ambient package temperature measurement.

Key Features

The main features of the ST60 quad thermopile detectors include:

  • Compact active area size is 0.61mm x 0.61mm
  • Medium output
  • Time constant of 18ms with nitrogen encapsulation gas
  • Very low temperature coefficient of responsivity of -0.04%/°C
  • Extremely short thermal shock response to ambient temperature change


The main applications of the ST60 quad thermopile detectors include:

  • Gas analysis
  • Laser targeting

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