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2M Quad Thermopile Detector

Dexter’s 2M quad thermopile detector is a four-channel thin-film thermopile compactly placed in a TO-8 package. All the active areas measure 2mm x 2mm. The detector provides exceptional four-channel sensitivity with excellent signal- to-noise performance.

The internal aperture of the 2M quad thermopile detector not only reduces channel-to-channel crosstalk but also increases sensitivity.

Dexter offers the 2M quad thermopile detector encapsulated with xenon (optional) so as to convert it into a super-high output instrument with minimal noise. The internal 30kΩ 5% NTC chip thermistor is designed to provide ambient package temperature measurement.

Key Features

The main features of the 2M quad thermopile detector include:

  • High output
  • Time constant of 85ms with argon gas
  • Excellent signal-to-noise performance
  • Optical filter options available


The main applications of the 2M quad thermopile detector include:

  • Industrial sensors
  • Medical monitoring
  • Gas analysis for automotive
  • Environmental air quality

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