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Hanwell IceSpy Temperature Sensors with Temperature Ranges from -200 °C to +350 °C

The Hanwell Icespy series of temperature sensors are reliable and flexible units designed to provide a wide range of wireless temperature measurement options for a large number of applications across Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Food industries. Temperature ranges from -200 °C to +350 °C with external probes.


Radio transmitters for a Hanwell IceSpy Wireless system. Operating temperature ranges from -30 °C to +50 °C and is greater with an external probe.

The Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver enables easy and wireless transfer of data from the transmitters for instant and real-time data collection. All Hanwell Pro transmitter units have a radio range capable of reaching up to 300 m over open ground. Each transmitter has on-board logging capability for 5 days for added data security. Data is downloaded through RFID.

All units are powered by a single 1.5V AA Lithium battery. Users can replace this battery as and when required. Battery life will be 2 years plus together, with a notification when a change is needed.

Hanwell IceSpy Temperature Sensor Features

The key features of the Hanwell Icespy series of Temperature Sensor are as follows:

  • Complies with RoHS, WEEE and EU directives
  • Effortlessly accessible battery for user replacement, when needed
  • Superior performance hardware with high accuracy sensors
  • Calibration available up to UKAS standard
  • Low power radio for long-distance transmission
  • All transmitters incorporate a wall bracket
  • Battery life 2 years plus
  • Complies with BS EN 12830
  • Carries CE Marking
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Wide range of sensors and units provide users with multiple temperature related applications


The main benefits of the Hanwell Icespy Temperature Sensor include:

  • Improve product quality with small non-intrusive transmitters
  • Reduces the risk of damage to stock caused by temperature fluctuations
  • Eliminate time spent taking manual readings
  • Reduces errors caused by manual checks
  • Assists with MHRA, HACCP and other national regulatory requirements

System Components

Software Required

  • W600 – Hanwell Pro Software Package

Hardware Required

  • IN-NR001F1 – Network Receiver

Optional Hardware

  • IN-RP002F1 – Echo Repeater
  • IN-NA002 – ARB Module (Alarm, RFID and Bluetooth)
  • IN-TA001 – SMS Module

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