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Low to Medium Pressure with Laser Trimmed Resistors – AP Series

The AP Series is calibrated at room temperature using laser trimmed resistors. It is ideal for low to medium pressure applications.

Company: Merit Sensor is a leader in piezoresistive pressure sensing and collaborates with clients to develop high performing solutions for a range of industries and applications.

Technology: Merit Sensor uses a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge with a chemically etched silicon diaphragm. All the company’s products are RoHS compliant.

Capabilities: Merit Sensor designs, engineers, fabricates, dices, assembles, and tests products from an advanced facility near Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • Type - Gage
  • Range -15 to 300 psi (-1 to 20.7 bar; -103 to 2,068 KPa). Also available in higher pressures.
  • Media - Air, liquids, and gases
  • Packaging- Bulk
  • Flexibility - Custom options available


  • Performance - Enjoy best-in-class performance due to Merit’s proprietary Sentium technology
  • Security - Feel assured doing business with a skilled company backed by a solid parent company (NASDAQ: MMSI)
  • Speed - Reach market quickly with creative and flexible solutions
  • Cost - Save money over time with high-performing die
  • Service - Experience professional, prompt and personal support

AP Series Standard Part Number



Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum Units Notes
Pressure Range -15   300 PSI  
Burst Pressure 3X     Full scale pressure  
Electrical (22 °C unless otherwise stated)
Input Excitation 2.4 5 6 VDC  
Input Impedance 8000 12000 16000 ohms  
Output Impedance 4000 5000 6000 ohms  
Temp (Comp/Operating) 10 25 40 °C  
Temperature (Storage) -25   60 °C  
Storage Life     5 Years  
Offset 4.5 6.0 7.5 mV/5V  
Sensitivity 64.868 65.523 66.178 uV/V/psi  
Linearity -1 0 1 %FSO (BFSL)  
Hysteresis -1   1 %FSO  
Accuracy* -2 0 2 %FSO  


* The combined effect of Sensitivity, Repeatability, Nonlinearity, and Hysteresis errors over the temperature range of 25 °C to 15 °C, and 25 °C to 40 °C, expressed as a percent of Full Scale pressure (%FS).

Dimensions (millimeters)

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