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Conducell UPW Arc 2-Pole Conductivity Sensors

Conducell UPW Arc 2-pole conductivity sensors encompass all the advantages of conventional UPW sensors while integrating the advanced capabilities of Arc technology.

This technology enables the storage of calibration data directly on the sensor and facilitates predictive diagnostics, automated documentation, and user and process assignment. With the ability to connect directly to the control system, these sensors negate the necessity for an external transmitter. Moreover, the availability of various communication protocols ensures straightforward integration.

Source: Hamilton Process Analytics

Part # / Ref Sensor
a-length Parameter Electrical
243578 Conducell UPW 87 mm Conductivity
VP8 Arc: Modbus,
4 to 20 mA
243579 Conducell
120 mm Conductivity
VP8 Arc: Modbus,
4 to 20 mA

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