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SecureRF Announces Availability of Multi-Mode Sensor LIME Tag with New Features

SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today the availability of a new sensor LIME Tag™ (MY01) with Cellular, BLE, classic Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity. The company also announced an updated credential and smartcard LIME Tag (NX01) supporting Public Key Infrastructure, symmetric encryption features, and multiple file support.

Lime Tag (source: SecureRF)


  • New MY01 LIME Tag provides integrated Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), classic Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity on single platform with security and sensors
  • MY01 utilizes Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) for identification/authentication and symmetric security for on-tag data protection
  • Integrates with Veridify® Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based platform for real-time visibility and monitoring
  • LIME Tag Credential and Smartcard (NX01) updated with symmetric encryption features to its Public-Key authentication and access controls
  • NX01 now supports multiple data files with customizable read/write access controls
  • Smartphone Apps, software development kits, and supporting applications available for rapid deployment of all LIME Tags
  • Custom designs and form-factors to address your secure sensor needs

The MY01 tag provides a robust sensor and connectivity platform integrated with SecureRF's Public-Key Infrastructure and file protection solutions. This LIME Tag has cellular, BLE, classic Bluetooth, and NFC radios, and an optional temperature sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, and over 7 Mbytes of storage. In addition to supporting SMS, the MY01 support GPS functions for location-oriented services. The tag also has an optional 240 X 240 pixel (1.5 X 1.5 inch) color touchscreen display. A security Software Development Kit, Smartphone App, and supporting infrastructure are available for easy customization and fast deployment. Data and messaging to and from the tag can be managed through Veridify, SecureRF's secure cloud-based IoT service platform.

SecureRF is also introducing updated features to the NX01 LIME Tag credentialing solution, including onboard file protection, identification, and authentication via Public-Key Infrastructure; and a symmetric encryption engine to securely move data on and off the smartcard. Smartphone and reader Apps can support up to 40K bytes of user data in multiple files with user-defined access.

All LIME Tags utilize Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology enabling real-time identification and authentication with or without a supporting database or internet connectivity while performing an authentication. LIME Tags are suitable for securing supply chains, monitoring high-value assets, cold chain management, and wherever pedigree and chain-of-custody is important.

SecureRF CEO, Louis Parks said, "Our new and updated LIME Tags address the challenge of delivering strong, easy‐to‐use authentication and data protection for devices and products now becoming part of the IoT." Parks continued, "Managing every transaction with network‐connected security methods is becoming harder and harder. Together with our smartphone apps, software development kits and tools, LIME Tags enable rapid customization and deployment with network-free authentication."

LIME Tags are designed to fit a wide range of commercial, consumer, and defense applications, where people, devices, and products need to be securely monitored and authenticated. Sensors and tags are available in a variety of physical forms including inlays, smartcards, or chips, for easy integration into existing products, labels or tags. LIME Tags can also collect critical sensor data like temperature, humidity, and shock.

Used in conjunction with SecureRF's Veridify smartphone app/reader and a secure cloud-based dashboard, the LIME Tags deliver real-time visibility and provide a range of in-field control features including the ability to revoke or un-revoke a tag's 'certificate of authenticity', in essence turning its authentication "on" or "off" after deployment.

For information, demonstration or an evaluation kit, visit: or call (203) 227-3151 FREE.


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