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STM Launches Ground-Breaking MEMS Microphones

STMicroelectronics, a global leading light in the field of semiconductor solutions, has launched a micro-machined microphone, named MP45DT01 digital-output stereo microphone, a highly cost-effective, superior performance and dependable microphone.

This ground-breaking MEMS microphone, aims at current and future acoustic solutions, for a wide range of devices, such as security systems, digital cameras, hearing aids, cell phones and learning devices, i.e. for devices where reliability, compact size, high sound quality and low-cost features are critical.

This microphone facilitates spectacular advancements in sound quality levels, by furnishing multi-directional sensitivity features, to observe and eliminate background sounds. Furthermore, to assist in the usage of audio devices in loud noise environments, MEMS microphones can use multiple microphones inside a single device. This system matches with the existing Electret Condenser Microphones (ECM), while being more strong and dependable. It uses OMRON’s sensor technology, that is less sensitive to temperature changes, mechanical variations, and interference that is electromagnetic in nature, which is very significant for devices such as cell phones.

STM’s singular ability to handle the entire supply chain, and also its excellent MEMS production capability, ensures reduction of time for product development and manufacture, at the same time being cost effective. This would be of great use in voice-enabled gaming devices, acoustic sensors used in security appliances, medical telemetry and automotive voice systems.

A September 2009 research conducted by iSuppli, revealed that the market for these types of goods, would show a huge growth between 2008 and 2013, with annual sales of one billion parts annually. Sampling is currently available with mass production also on the way.


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