EcoNet Controls Launches Smart Home Water Shut Off Kit with Wireless Leak Sensors

EcoNet Controls of Clearwater Florida, a manufacturer of "Unique Home Automation Devices & Solutions", has released its Smart Home Water Shut Off Kit.  The LSK or Leak Sensor Kit includes the EBV105-UMK water shut off controller and 1 or more leak sensors.  The wireless leak sensor/s have been preconfigured to communicate directly to the shut off the water in the case of a water leak.  A separate Smart Home controller or HUB is not required.  Installation is a simple matter of positioning the leak sensors and installing the valve controller over top of a standard ball valve.  Installing EcoNet's LSK solution into a home or business can prevent water damage and the frustration and cost that come with an insurance claim.

Smart Home Water Shut Off Kit (PRNewsFoto/EcoNet Controls)

The mechanics of the EBV105 unit have also been updated with an improved open/close stroke and the addition of a Universal Mounting Kit (UMK). The UMK supports simplified mounting of the unit over existing ball valve sizes of ½", ¾" and 1"; no plumbing is required.

Although the LSK does not require a controller or HUB, both the EBV105 motor controller and the leak sensors are Z-Wave Certified and compatible with popular Smart Home controllers/HUBs.

The motor control unit has been mechanically geared with high torque and power to easily manage standard levered ball valves.  The close and open cycle is a 90 degree turn that takes about 10 seconds.  A clutch release allows hand operation of the valve in case of a power loss. The open/close stoke can also be controlled manually with the power/pairing button. A blue LED acts as a status and "condition" indicator.

The EBV105-UMK package comes complete with the valve controller/motor, AC Adapter, the Universal Mounting Kit, 1-6 wireless battery powered leak sensors and an installation guide.  Installation takes about 10 minutes and no special tools or skills are required. The EBV105-UMK-LSK is available now with prices starting at $195.0 U.S.

EcoNet Controls, a division of ICI Controls, Inc., was formed in 1993. EcoNet designs and manufactures products with a focus on Unique Home Automaton Devices & Solutions.


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