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Posifa Technologies Launches Mass Air Flow Sensors with Innovative Manifold-Mount Design for Bypass Assemblies

Posifa Technologies has recently launched its new PMF6000 series of mass air flow sensors designed for use in bypass assemblies. With its manifold-mount design, the devices minimize system size and boost reliability while enabling users to determine proprietary calibration values.

The PMF6000 series sensors come in compact robust packages and were built particularly for users seeking the versatility of developing their own flow body and restrictor element. The devices’ manifold-mount design removes the need for external connections and hoses, decreasing the overall system size and the number of probable leak points.

By making use of the linearized factory calibration offered by Posifa, users can develop master calibration curves specific to their tailored bypass design with negligible additional corrections in the production course. In contrast to off-the-shelf solutions, PMF6000 series sensors give users a competitive edge by enabling them to do their own calibration and keep the values within the company.

The devices comprise of Posifa’s third-generation thermal flow die, which uses two thermopiles to detect variations in temperature gradient as a result of mass flow. The result is superior repeatability and accuracy of 4% reading standard. The solid-state thermal isolation structure on the sensor die removes the need for a surface cavity or fragile membrane employed in rival technologies, rendering the sensor resistant to pressure shock and clogging.

The devices with measuring flow rates at 1000 sccm (PMF6102) and 6000 sccm (PMF6106) deliver very rapid response times of 5 ms typical and work over a -25 °C to +85 °C temperature range.

Samples and production quantities of the PMF6000 mass air flow sensors are currently available.

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