Novel Tilt and Vibration Sensor from SignalQuest

SignalQuest, a pioneer in precision microsensor configuration and manufacture, has launched its new SQ-MIN-200 Omnidirectional Tilt and Vibration Sensor, which is a secondary product within a novel series with nano-power, low profile, micromechanical sensors.

Micromechanical sensors

Its high-performance in industry, extreme industrial thermal rating and in-built nano-power configuration facilitates motion identification to a series of compact-sized solutions such as GPS trackers, RFID tags, Bluetooth ear pieces, wrist watches, pet monitors and hearing aids.

The size of the SQ-MIN package is of 1.95 mm in diameter and 3.6 mm in length and can be mounted on a quality 2- pad SMT landing. The company’s SQ-SEN range of tilt and vibration sensors has been widely exploited in the market, and the SQ-MIN has been configured in such a way providing extended battery life and motion-enabled operation available for miniature device purposes. Based on the recent requirement of a CR2032 self discharge coin cell, the SQ-MIN permits 20 years of motion identification with a single battery.

The SQ-SEN tilt and vibration sensor family was the prime product series to take the US manufacturing products world-wide at competitive rates to bulk mechanical sensor markets. The omnidirectional movement sensor SQ-SEN-200 has been used widely in GPS, RFID and microprocessor applications.


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