AlertWerks ServSensor V4E Aids Precise Environmental Monitoring

Black Box Network Services launches AlertWerks ServSensor V4E for facilitating the integration of surveillance imagers and environmental sensing devices into a seam-free remote inspecting solution.

AlertWerks ServSensor V4E

This ServSensor Expansion Unit extends the sensor series on V4E hub and nearly eight AlertWerks smart sensing units can be connected into the ServSensor V4E RJ-45 interfaces. These sensing units will rearrange by themselves and will display the sensed data on-line, recording the condition changes, if any.

Various sensors depending on the requirements can be selected on-line, encompassing humidity, water, motion, temperature, voltage and airflow devices. The ServSensor is functional with a broad range of about four analog imagers including surveillance cameras, hi-tech night-vision imagers, cost-effective CCTV imagers or outdoor cameras.

The ServSensor collects and records the sensor information in a user-friendly, web-enabled user interface. It is capable of creating graphical representations (of day, week, month, and year) for each sensing unit. The information can be recorded in a text file format for evaluation or can be polled remotely and documented automatically in a PC. The Notification Wizard supported in the system indicates the sensor status deviations instantly. Every indication can be programmed by selecting a sensor and warning alarm mode and will notify automatically the operations to be executed when the alarm is activated. For example, if the temperature in the information center exceeds a set value, say 75° C, the system will automatically send an e-mail alert upon sensing the temperature increments above the set value.


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