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Henkel’s Loctite E-40EXP Aids Sealing and Potting Applications

Henkel Corporation, a global market leader in cosmetics/toiletries, laundry & home care and adhesive technologies, has launched a room-temperature-curing, dual-component, epoxy potting compound called Loctite E-40EXP, satisfying UL-674 demands for use in explosion-resistant electric motors.

This potting material is structured to get accreditation from UL and sustains over 85% of the compression strength even when exposed to 13 hazardous chemicals.

Loctite E-40EXP potting compound

The Loctite E-40EXP is deployed for sealing and potting the cable conduits, and shields the electric motor from disastrous chemicals and vapors that lead to explosion. This rapid-curing, clean compound can be utilized in any potting, sealing or size fitting purposes since it is non-sensitive and cause least shrinkage, thus enabling precise dispensing applications.

The Loctite E-40EXP can be obtained in easy-to-use 2:1 static blended cartridges for rapid dispensing or can be available in large quantities for high-volume application purposes. This compound is highly curable within two hours at ambient temperatures and is free from any sort of carcinogens, for the safety of the employee and reliable operations.

Apart from its applications in electric motors Loctite E-40EXP can be utilized for maintaining or assembling pumps, lighting, electrical connectors, sensors, fans and other probes, or can be deployed in chemical-proof or explosion-resistant covering applications.


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