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Indian Nano Foundry to Focus on Bio-Sensors

The Defense Research Development Organisation (DRDO) of India has announced that it will establish a nano foundry in Hyderabad or in Bangalore.

The foundry will focus on creating new products in nanotechnology, with a main focus on developing bio-sensors, nano composites, and nano electrodes. These three products will be developed in the next two years.

The nano foundry will be run by partnering with academic institutions and IITs in India. The academic institutions can use the research and development facilities for research. The total cost for the development of the foundry is expected to be Rs.500 crore. DRDO has hired 15 nano experts who are non-resident Indians, for the nano projects.

DRDO’s bioengineering and electromedical lab located at Bangalore had developed many bio-sensors, which can revolutionize medical diagnostics and help ensure soldier safety in war.


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