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Sensor-Integrated Accessories to Safeguard Football Players

Injuries are most likely to happen in a fast moving game like football. Concussion of the brain is a dangerous injury that is very difficult to diagnose, and treat rapidly.

Sensor integrated helmets

As a precaution to lower the severity of such injuries, the National Football League (NFL) is planning to introduce a pilot scheme in the coming year, where in accelerometers will be integrated in the players' earpieces, mouthpieces, and helmets in order to evaluate the relation of blows to the head and the consequences and severity of the concussions and other dangerous brain injuries. This data will aid the physicians to analyse the severity of a concussion immediately. This long-term collection of data from a team of players will help understanding how the injury is affected and its associated consequences. This crucial data can also be significant to the engineers for designing an advanced football helmet.

With the advent of advancing technologies and improving information about the concussions and other disastrous brain injuries, football can be made a much safer and entertaining sport, by developing advanced safety systems and measures to safeguard the players.


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