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Sensor to Identify Faults in Aircraft and Tanks

The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO) in Chandigarh has developed a fibre optic sensor that will inspect any malfunction inside aircraft or tanks during operations.

The system will also identify blasts on bridges and buildings. The agency was sponsored by the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) to develop fibre optic sensors.

According to Dr Pawan Kapur, director, CSIO, the sensor will assist the DRDO to also track the impact of blasts. It can identify mechanical, thermal or physical alterations within submarines, tanks or aircraft and are resistant to nuclear radiation. The fibres are so thin that just one can be used as multiple sensors. It is lightweight and cost- efficient and can gauge explosive properties of bombs.

The DRDO has currently called for the production of the sensors to cut down flight tests. The sensor can be controlled by a single processor. The device cannot be traced by radar and other surveillance systems, making it highly dependable and safe.


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