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MEMSIC’s New Gas Flow Sensor Module to be Showcased at 2012 Sensors Expo

MEMSIC recently declared the availability of the MFA1100R gas flow sensor module that leads a series of gas flow market products. The product is being displayed at the Sensors Expo 2012, from June 6 – 7, 2012 at Rosemont, Ill.

The monolithic thermal technology of MEMSIC enables determining flow rate, based on a precise differential temperature measurement. The components in the system are static, ensure high reliability and increased dynamic range with turn-down ratio and sensitivity. Being compactly configured, it offers fast response time and low power consumption.

The MFA1100R is a fully integrated, complete gas flow sensor module. Along with embedded software and on-chip signal processing, the sensing element has been involved in a monolithic CMOS process. The operation of the device takes place within a flow range of 0 to 100SLM, a turn-down ratio greater than 500:1 and has a low startup rate of 0.2 SLM. It also includes other major specifications such as an accuracy of +/-1.5%, repeatability, response time over 100 ms, and hysteresis over +/- 1.0%. The MFA1100R can adapt to a wide range of gasses. It can operate at temperature ranges over -20 to + 600 C and represents up to 3.0 mw low power dissipation under continuous operation.

The MFA1100R design is a full electronic MEMS gas flow sensor module that can be directly equipped to a wired as well as wireless system including the MEMSIC eKo system. It allows the development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, known as AMI or Smart Meter. The MFA1100R is RoHS compliant, ensuring efficient operation from 2.7 to 5.5 V. The MEMSIC MFA1100R gas flow sensor module is now being offered in sample quantities.


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