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Measurement Specialties Unveils Accelerometer Sensors for Crush Zone Testing

Measurement Specialties has recently introduced the Model 58 accelerometer to production. This MEMS DC response accelerometer has been developed to carry out auto safety crash testing. It is safely packed within a rugged housing.

Model 58 Product Image

The special shielded low-noise cable ensures crush zone testing. The Model 58 accelerometer boasts a full bridge output configuration having temperature ranges from -20 ºC to +85ºC. A meager quantity of internal gas damping extends excellent shock survivability in addition to flat amplitude and phase response up to 4000 Hz.

The Model 58 was designed for impact and shock testing in applications involving auto safety and is also effective for use in a variety of military, aerospace, and civil engineering applications. Available in adhesive mounting configuration, this device can operate from 2 to 10 V dc excitation with electrical output ratiometric to voltage input. For simple installation, an optional auto-zero in-line amplifier (Model 140) and signal conditioner (Model 101) are being offered.

Each unit is sealed with an NIST traceable calibration certificate. MEAS’ California Vibration Design Center and its two production centers located in France and China support the post sale factory calibration. These devices are EAR99 export compliant and assured of high performance and durability.

Measurement Specialties utilizes multiple advanced technologies such as piezo-resistive, variable reluctance, electro-optic, thermistors, electro-magnetic, magneto resistive, digital encoders, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), thermocouples, RTDs, capacitive, resonant beam, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), piezoelectric polymers and strain gauges for designing high precision and affordable sensors.


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