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Tekscan FlexiForce Sensor for Force Measurements during Product Testing

Tekscan has expanded its standard FlexiForce product portfolio with the launch of the A401 FlexiForce sensor that has a sensing area of 1 inch diameter  and provides additional flexibility to users to obtain force measurements for prototyping, research and design as well as product testing.

Tekscan force-sensors-and-measurement-systems

This sensor is useful for force measurement applications that need sensing area in excess of the 3/8” area provided by the A201 FlexiForce sensor. The new sensor’s common applications include the gait analysis for rehabilitation uses, where the heel strike force is measured by the sensor. It can also be utilized for robotics applications for provoking an additional fluid stepping motion for a humanoid robot.

Currently available in the 0-25 lb force range, these A401 sensors can be bought off-the-shelf. Likely the widely utilized A201 model, this A401 force sensor is paper-thin, measuring a mere 0.008” in thickness. It is made of flexible polyester film that helps it to be positioned in almost any space for measurement of two mating surfaces’ force.

Tekscan’s A401 FlexiForce sensor can be utilized for detection and measuring comparative variation in applied load or force, measure the rate of variation in the force, detection of touch or/and contact, and identification of appropriate trigger action and force thresholds.

Complete specifications of this sensor are available at Users can also contact Tekscan to discuss their force sensing applications and determine their application’s optimal force sensing solution.


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