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TiaLinx Unveils New Small Form Factor Standoff Breathing Detector Sensor, the Eagle5-N

TiaLinx has launched an ultra-wideband (UWB), multi Gigahertz radio frequency imaging device called the Eagle5-N.  The new sensor is touted to detect movement by even few millimeters behind a wall and capacitated to detect breathing patterns of individuals standing in a queue.


The data collected by the sensor can be transmitted remotely to a receiving station. According to Dr. Fred Mohamadi, Founder and CEO of TiaLinx, the Eagle5-N is a great asset for rescue mission authorities, law enforcement agencies, the construction industry, and the medical community.

The small form factor device has a host of applications ranging from movement tracking, mapping of layout of any premises, detection of implanted objects to applications in law enforcement such as detecting illegal underground activities and human trafficking. The robot and tripod mountable device can also be used in rescue missions such as detection of survivors buried under the rubble after an earthquake.


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